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Corbeau Press

The Corbeau Press Balloon Hanging

The Corbeau Press Balloon Hanging

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-Hand engraved glass -Clear glass -Hot air balloon design engraved on to the surface of clear glass -All hand made- each one unique -Measures (aprox) 5cm x 3.5cm -Edges finished with copper foil and lead/tin solder -Blue ribbon to display (detachable) Hot air balloons are synonymous with Bristol. They are a familiar feature in the sky from early summer. Bristol hosts the international balloon fiesta in early August and from where I live, I often see the mass accent of balloons filling the sky. There is something nostalgic and romantic about travelling by balloon. Have some of this magic captured in glass to display in your home either on the Christmas tree or in a window. Jessica uses her drawing skills to make beautifully thoughtful decorative items by either hand engraving or pyrography. She works from a little corner of BV studios in Bristol. She has a passion for artistry and craft and loves to use these techniques to tell personal and meaningful stories. So whether you connect with a piece that she has already made or you want to commission something you know that Jessica will make something really unique.
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The Corbeau Press

The Corbeau Press specialises in engraved glass made using original illustrations. Explore their unique work by clicking below.