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Fiona Clabon Green Balloons Coaster
Fiona Clabon Green Balloons Coaster
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Fiona Clabon Green Balloons Coaster

Inspired by Bristol’s wonderful summer Balloon Fiesta, this colourful Coaster is created using original paper collages.

These coasters are a vibrant addition to any home or coffee table, great sets as gifts, or single coasters for a desk at work or home.

These bright coasters are a great addition to the home, or as an ideal gift for a Bristolian or someone with a link to this bustling city.

Their intricate designs are created with paper, layering textured papers to create this composition.

The process of my collage’s creation is unique, combing my love of printmaking with clean collage to create distinct, textured and beautiful illustrations.

Using printmaking inks, I create a variety of textures on papers by pressing paper into rolled out ink. Pulling the paper back up reveals beautiful colours and textures that are vibrant and varied. I used this process to create the papers that I used to create this collage.
Printed locally in Bristol onto hardboard using the sublimation process, producing strong and durable Coasters.

Heat resistant surface with High gloss wipe-able finish.

Each coaster is 9cm x 9cm x 0.4cm.


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